Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the Classics are Back

The safest way to accent your wardrobe is by wearing classic pieces. This is because classic accessories never go out of style. 

zebra earrings

black onyx ring

authentic Kate Moss necklace

These are few pieces you can wear together.. Whether you are on a casual date or a formal meeting, nothing could go wrong when you have these accents.

Be the princess of your dreams when you wear these rings! These are classic pieces which will perfectly accent your wardrobe each time you go out :D

beach bum necklace

sunny bracelet

lemon cubes bracelet

These pieces are perfect for casual outdoor wear. Even when it's not sunny-- it's the attitude that will brighten up your day.

Tip: Neutral colors are the best clothing colors you can wear on a sunny day to keep you from exaggeration :) 

With these necklaces, you can go from funky to very sexy formal, classic look.


These pieces are for sale, and if you are interested, these are available (to Philippine residents only).
You can check out our contact details at 

Thanks and see you!
Be Eco-friendly, be chimera!

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